Publication of My Latest Mindful Eating Book

I am thrilled to announce that I have just published my new book ‘The Art of Mindful Eating’!

What is the book about?
The Art of Mindful Eating is about questioning the solutions we have applied to dieting so far that have become problematic in their own right, and about developing the art of mindful eating. The intent of this book is to help you find out what works for you and how you can make small lifestyle changes that will help you develop a joyful and relaxed relationship with food, without the struggle.

The Art of Mindful Eating will guide you to:
Explore your eating patterns with compassion and curiosity
Eat with all your senses
Reconnect with your physical hunger and satiety cues
Make mindful choices around food
Eat and live with awareness
Where do I get it?
The Art of Mindful Eating is available on Amazon in the following link

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BBC Interview

A BBC News interview about Anxiety.  Using the Dan Harris, ABC news presenter, case-study as an example.


Marie Claire article

Emotional At Work? How To Use Your Feelings To Get Ahead

We’ve all been there. Head between your knees, tears trickle down your cheeks and form a mascara-tinted puddle on the bathroom floor. Yep, whether you’ve just started a new job, taken on a more senior role or just had One Of Those Days, sometimes it seems impossible to keep your feelings in check. But instead of panicking about whether or not your face is blotchy, your nose is bright red or if there’s snot in your eyebrow, fear not: being emotional at work can actually be a good thing.

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BBC Mindfulness Documentary

This is an 8 minute documentary footage presented in a BBC programme on 23-Jun-2015.


Chrissy B Show Mindfulness Interview

This is a TV interview on the Chrissy B show about managing anxiety using mindfulness.  Released Dec-2016.


Christmas 2016 Sky-NEWS Feature Home

This is a brief feature about Mindfulness done with Sky-News during Christmas time 2016

Event Test

iEAT Event

‘New Professional Mindful Eating Training iEAT in Italy- October 2017’

‘iEAT – Training Professionale di mindful eating in Italia – Ottobre 2017’