I provide assessment and treatment for a wide range of psychological difficulties. The psychological problems I often treat include all the spectrum of anxiety disorders (such as social phobia, panic disorder, OCD, PTSD), depression, eating disorders, relationship difficulties, health problems and burnout. I use an integrated approach of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness Techniques to promote a healthier, happier and more balanced lifestyle. My approach includes looking at how thoughts and beliefs are connected to our behaviours, moods and physical experiences and to the events in our lives. If appropriate we might use ancient practices such as meditation and gentle movements.

Most of my clients want to:

  • Reduce their stress or anxiety levels.

  • Recover from depression and prevent future relapses.
  • Rediscover joy in their daily lives.
  • Learn how to handle their emotions.
  • Deal with a phobia.

  • Tackle eating disorders.

  • Restore balance after a difficult life event.

  • Overcome traumas of past abuse.