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Professional Mindful Eating Training: I-EAT Connect with your Body Wisdom – Level 1 & 2

The I-EAT programme is dedicated to Health Professionals interested in learning how to teach about Mindful Eating. The programme is taught in Italian.

I-EAT is based on the development of Trust and Love for the body. It is meditation-based and enhances our connection with the body

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This program is approved by The Ministry of Health, Italy for continuing education credits

Trust is developed through a number of exercises with food that promote body self-regulation; Love is developed using compassion and forgiveness practices . It is composed by two levels:


I-EAT level 1

which provides the basics to be able to teach the I-EAT programme


I-EAT level 2

which aims at deepening our personal mindful eating practice and develop a deeper
understanding of the curriculum as well as the role of the mindful eating teacher