My Story

I am a chartered Clinical Psychologist and qualified Mindfulness Specialist. Combining my strong professional and research background with my clinical and consulting work, I have developed courses and trainings to support personal and professional development, as well as mental health.

My passion for the human mind and the complexity and beauty of our inner world started over 20 years ago. As a professional athlete / a national league volleyball professional in Italy my life gravitated around trainings and games for over 15 years. This time taught me the importance of being aware of connecting my inner world with the environment around me, which allowed me to achieve peak performance and to foster a strong sense of commitment and purpose. I studied psychology during this time, and after I left professional sports continued to study clinical psychology to explore this connection further.

In 2007, I moved to the UK. I qualified as Cognitive Behaviour Therapist at Oxford University and as Mindfulness Teacher at the University of Bangor in North Wales. In addition, I have a passion for Mindful Eating that took me to the US and Italy to train as Mindful Eating teacher. Based on these experiences and my trainings I have developed a professional course for other like-minded professionals.

For the past 10 years, I have run courses, workshops and 1:1 sessions for a wide range of individuals and corporates from various backgrounds and industries. My aspiration is to run engaging sessions, tailored to my client’s unique needs, delivering complex subjects in a way that key take aways can be applied on a day to day basis.

Past delegates have praised my compassion, engagement and commitment.

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Summary of Credentials

  1. Chartered Clinical Psychologist
  2. Qualified Mindfulness Teacher
  3. PhD in Human Factors in Health Care
  4. Mindful Eating Trainer
  5. Clinical Director of The Mindfulness Project (UK)
  6. USA Centre for Mindful Eating – Vice President

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